The Power of Gratitude

How often do you say “Thank you”?

I mean,

Do you say thank you when the waiter brings your food?

Do you say thank you when the Uber driver ends your ride?

Do you say thank you when your domestic staff hands you your ironed shirt?

Do you say thank you when a Gate-man opens the gate for you?

Do you say thank you to Mother Nature for the air you breath?


Do you reserve this magic word only for people who do you “special favours”?

The Power of gratitude is magnetic, and for everything single thing you’re grateful for, in reciprocity, you attract more.

Notice that when you say thank you, you almost always get a thank you back automatically. Saying thank you to each other makes our interactions more enjoyable and eases away tension. It reassures the receiver, that their efforts are appreciated.

Ingratitude on the other hand, is a very disgusting trait to posses. It exhibits a mentally of entitlement and we are entitled to Nothing! Whatever anyone does for us, even if we’re paying for it, is a favour. Without them to render these services and make life a little easier for us, our money will mean nothing.

Haven’t we learnt something from the recent experience with COVID-19, that most of the services we look down upon are actually, the essential services which we depend on for survival?

An inability to say thank you for the minutest favours or services we receive is an expression of, timidity, low self-esteem and un-refinement.

In the words of Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret book series, “Whoever has gratitude (now) will be given more (in the future), and he or she will have an abundance.

If you carry light to everyone, it will always be with you. Therefore, make Gratitude your attitude and you will attain your altitude.

Thank you for reading and…
Keep it classy always

Etienying Akpanusong.


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