The Summer Program every child in Lagos shouldn’t miss

Give your Children an Edge this Summer through our Special Etiquette Training.

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The importance of embedding good manners and character in our children has never been more propound.


Etiquette and character training/education helps them build great communication and relationship skills, poise and elegance at home and in public places, helping them be their best confident selves.


Though our world is changing rapidly and our children are exposed to diverse ideas and knowledge in school, from the TV and through the friends they associate with, certain basic norms and ethics will never change. And will stay relevant for time to come.


And it’s of great benefit that our children get to learn and know them now.


Are you often worried that;

  • You don’t have enough time with your children to teach them basic etiquettes, norms and manners?
  • Your children may be exposed to the wrong behaviours and ideas in school?
  • Are they behaving in disturbing and unacceptable ways with their friends and elders?
  • Is you ward or child not acting confident and elegant in public?
  • Do you find them embarrass you when you take them out because they don’t know certain civil codes and conducts?

At Etiquette with Eti Finishing school, we have designed courses that teach Children/Teenagers Etiquette, manners and true character, molding them to become citizens with good confidence and character.


And this Summer, we are hosting a special discounted training for teenagers on Dining Etiquette, character and manners, posture and ways of behaving in various situations.

In this training they’ll get to learn;

  • The standard “dinning Etiquette and protocol”.
  • Poise and sitting posture in several situations
  • Conversational and communication skills.
  • Stage presence and accepting awards
  • Making a great impression (how they should present themselves in different situation.
  • Confidence Building
  • And many more…

Training Details.

This Training is Offline and available for residents of Lagos state or people who can make it to Lagos on July 29th-July 31st, 2021.

The Charming/Polite Child

Total duration – 6hrs (Children aged 3-10yrs)

Offline training;

Dates: 29th – 31st July 2021
Time: 10:00am – 12:00noon
Fee: 50,000

P.S: Training includes, practical learning session on “dining Etiquette” and a complimentary copy of My Etiquette and I book.


The Prepared Adolescents/ Poised Teenager

Total duration – 6hrs (Children aged 11-19yrs)

Dates: 29th – 31st July 2021
Time: 02:00 – 04:00pm
Fee: N50,000

P.S: Training includes, practical learning session on “dining Etiquette” and a complimentary copy of My Etiquette and I book.



I believe every parent should look forward to having their child/children attend this program.


In the Words of Clarence Thomas;


“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot“


Ready to give your children the extra edge?

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About the Lead Trainer

About the lead trainer.

Etienying Akpanusong, fondly called Lady Eti, is an Engineer and a passionate advocate of civility and proper behaviour under any circumstance.

Lady Eti is an alumna of The British School of Etiquette, UK, and the International Association of Professionals Career College, Canada.

She is also and Author of 'My Etiquette and I' forward by Philip Sykes, Principal and founder at The British School of Etiquette, UK.

Lady Eti has successfully trained over 700 youths, women and professionals in her years as a Civility Expert.

She looks forward to your share of the Eti experience.