The summer program every child/teenager should attend.

Give your children/teenagers an edge this summer through our special etiquette training.

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The importance of embedding good manners and character in our children has never been more propound.


Etiquette and behavioral training helps children and teenagers build great communication and relationship skills, poise, elegance and confidence in social situations.


Though our world is changing rapidly and our children are exposed to diverse ideas and knowledge in school, from the TV and through the friends they associate with, certain basic norms and ethics will never change. And will stay relevant for time to come.


And it’s of great benefit that our children get to learn and know them now.


Are you often worried that;

  • You don’t have enough time with your children to teach them basic etiquettes, norms and manners?
  • Your children may be exposed to the wrong behaviours and ideas in school?
  • Are they behaving in disturbing and unacceptable ways with their friends and elders?
  • Is you ward or child not acting confident and elegant in public?
  • Do you find them embarrass you when you take them out because they don’t know certain civil codes and conducts?

At Etiquette with Eti Finishing school, we have designed courses that teach Children/Teenagers Etiquette, manners and true character, molding them to become citizens with good confidence and character.


And this Summer, we are hosting a special discounted training for teenagers on Dining Etiquette, character and manners, posture and ways of behaving in various situations.

In this training they’ll get to learn;

  • The standard “dinning Etiquette and protocol”.
  • Poise and sitting posture in several situations
  • Conversational and communication skills.
  • Stage presence and accepting awards
  • Making a great impression (how they should present themselves in different situation.
  • Confidence Building
  • And many more…

Training Details.

Dear parents/ guardians, please be informed about the latest development to our summer boot camp for the year 2022.

The Charming Child for children between the age of 3 – 5yrs is still a single course with a duration of nine hours spread across three days.

The Polite Child Course is now a three levels course.

Level 1: Beginners – Suitable for children between the age 6-12yrs
Children who have previously had The Polite Child training before now have gone past beginners level and may begin from level 2.

Level 2: Intermediary – Also suitable for children between the age of 6 -12yrs with more topics and depth.

Level 3: Advanced – This level is suitable for children between the age of 8 – 12yrs but must have completed the first two levels of the course to be admitted into the advanced level. This level explores more topics at an advanced level too.

The Poised Teenager Course is also available at three levels for teenagers between the age of 13 – 17yrs. Teenages who have previously taken the course have completed level one and may now proceed to levels two and three which explores more advanced topics and in depth.

This will be an on-site training in Abuja, Nigeria. There will also be online version for children and teenagers outside of Abuja who wish to be enrolled.

Fee for each course for the summer boot camp 2022 is N50,000 however early bird registration fee of N40,000 is available till August 1st, 2022.

Parents are advised to take advantage of this opportunity as there would be no further discounts.

Simply Call 08099996929 for any further enquiry.

About the Lead Trainer

Etienying Akpanusong is an industry leader of Etiquette and an advocate of civility in Africa.

Trained at the prestigious British School of Excellence, Etienying went on and founded 'Etiquette with Eti Academy', a finishing school with base in Abuja Nigeria and also 'Etiquette Africa', a non profit initiative that advocates for the promotion of civility and behavioural excellence across Africa. Although she has a background in Mechanical Engineering, Etienying uses her innovative skills to create solutions to societal menace through her trainings, coaching and consulting services.

Besides her strides in promoting civility, Etienying is also a fashion entrepreneur and the founder of Garneti Exhibit Limited, a lifestyle brand in Nigeria.

She is also an author of self help books and through her publications, trainings and coaching, she has impacted and influenced thousands of people within and beyond Africa.

She describes her elegance as the major weapon in her arsenal for dealing with everyday life's situations.