Who isn’t tired of “African time”? Anyone? No! I believe.
So why still unapologetically indulge?

Time consciousness is a reflection of the value we have for people.

It is a moral value that plays out when we are invited to functions.

You have no right to waste anybody’s time because you can never give back lost times.

TIME is LIFE, it can’t be bought and once lost, never regained.

It’s almost a norm for people of higher authority to keep others waiting, yet expecting better future leaders who’ll definitely take after them. It’s all shades of wrong.

Let the following tips be a guide on time consciousness.

* Always have a time piece on.

* Make a schedule of your activities to ensure proper time management.

* Set early reminders on your cell phone (s).

* Know how long it takes you to get ready and be ready in good time.

* Set out early enough to avoid getting caught in unforseen circumstances like traffic, flat tire, etc.

* If you are unable to arrive a venue on time, send an early notice to the people you have kept waiting.

* Apologise for keeping anyone waiting, knowing you didnt have any right to.

Let’s kill the “African time” syndrome, it’s not moving us forward.
Thank you.

Etienying Akpanusong


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