Gym Etiquette

Hello everyone, this one is dedicated to our fitness enthusiasts.
Our new reality has birthed more fitness enthusiasts than ever before. Hopefully, the gymnasiums will be welcoming much more participants when the world is declared safe again. It’s important to understand there are proper guidelines for ensuring decorum and exhibiting a sense of finesse while at the gym.
Below are a few tips that should be strictly adhered to.

Always smell good to the gym: A use of good deodorants and antiperspirant is advised when preparing to go to the gym. Remember that working out causes you to sweat and you don’t want to inconvenience other users of the gym with an offensive body odour

Invest in good workout gears: Your workout gears tell a lot about you, look good always.

Always ask questions: Every gym has an instructor/ manager, ask how things work around the gym and how to operate equipments you may not be familiar with.

Don’t hoard machines: Every user of the gym is equally entitled to the equipments at the gym, holding onto two or three machines at the same time is inconsiderate and offensive to other intended users.

Minimize the volume of your headsets: Some headsets are very loud when on high volume, loud enough to inconvenience others. Be conscious of the volume and remember! It”s for your personal entertainment not for the entire gym

Avoid chit-chats: If you must have small talks while at the gym, make it very minimal.

Personal hygiene: You can always use the disinfectant spray on your equipments before hopping on them to ensure good hygiene. –
Carry along a towel: Always carry along your personal towel you’ll definitely need it.

Don’t wipe: Wiping down your sweats is disgusting.
Always use your towel to dab.

Touch limits: A fitness instructor does not necessarily need to touch you, you may initiate a hands-off policy with your instructor if necessary.

Use of camera: If you must take a photo or make a video, be discreet and respect the privacy of other users of the gym. –
Return the weight: Put back the weight and other items you used after working out. It’s rude to leave them on the floor..

Clean up: As a polite person, always look around and clean up after yourself

Feel free to add your tips in the comment section

Yours truly,
Etienying Akpanusong
(Etiquette Coach)


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