Covid-19 Guest Etiquette

Guest Etiquette During the Pandemic.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is an unfortunate reality that has lasted for months globally with no end in sight.

Globally, Social distance rule has been adopted to minimize the spread of the corona virus. The social distance rule is being understood and adapted to by many, while many others violate the rule ignorantly, deliberately or sometimes due to crucial needs.

The survival instinct of man demands an occasional visits to the markets, stores, hospitals and even friends/ family. Hence, there are invaluable practices one must implore if a visitation must occur.

The pertinent question arises, what should a polite guest do, in order to keep the host at ease?

*Wait To Be Invited* :The effect of the social distance has become unbearable and mentally draining for some people and the only way to feel a little bit at ease, might be to get out of their homes and talk to a trusted friend or family member. So, if for any reason, you wish to pay anyone a visit during these times, wait to be invited.

You may be wondering, “how can I wait to be invited when I’m the one reaching out?”.
Most people are paranoid and your visit maybe uncomfortable, no matter what your reasons are.

Therefore, put a call across to them, then suggest a meet up. If they’re comfortable to have you in their house, they’ll extend an invitation.
Do not suggest or insist on a visit. Some people could meet up with you outside their homes and have a chat while maintaining the two-meter social distance rule, however ,if they are okay to have you inside their house, remember these tips:

-No physical contact: On arrival at your host’s home, remember the social distance rule, therefore, you can’t hug, give a handshake or expect to be extended same. Endeavour to maintain social distance throughout your visit.

-Wash your hand: On arrival at your guest’s home, politely ask for permission to use the washroom and get your hands properly washed. In doing this, be conscious not to touch any thing not even the door handle, or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

-Wear a Face mask: Wear your Face mask properly and keep it on throughout your stay. The face mask protects you by minimizing the risk of exposure and risk of infecting others (if you have already been exposed). However, intermittent taking off and wearing back your mask defeats the entire purpose, as you could easily infect yourself with any bacteria/viruses that may have been trapped on the mask.

-Disinfect: Apply a disinfectant spray all over your body before you take a seat. Albeit, this should be done with express permission from your host. This is to confirm there isn’t anyone allergic to the content of the disinfectant.

-Dealing with refreshments: If your host insists on offering you refreshments, politely decline to have it at the instance and request if it’s okay to have a take out. The essence of this, is to enable you properly disinfect yourself before eating, as you shouldn’t take your mask off.

-Make your visit brief: It is common knowledge that many people are not comfortable playing host this period, except it’s highly imperative. Hence, it is advised to make your visit as brief as possible.

Considering what it takes to be a polite guest this season, I guess you’ll agree with me that it’s easier to avoid visiting anyone. So, the physical social distance policy can be implored judiciously through the use of the video chat and calling applications available.

I enjoin you all to #Staysafe and
keep it classy always.

Etienying Akpanusong

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