My Self-Esteem Journey: How to build confidence and pursue your goals.

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Lack of confidence and low self-esteem account for why seventy percent of people fail in life.


And majority of the time, it’s entirely not their fault. Nobody was born with a low self-esteem, an event, situation, something in the past or present caused that.


For some people it’s a loss of job or business, loss of a friend or loved one, being in a toxic relationship, upbringing, or an event that left a mark on them for years.


When I was just 11years, my teacher made a good attempt at plummeting and crushing my self-esteem. My religious studies teacher called me a “stockfish” for no just reason, simply because of my skinny look. That single event in a class of over 80 students left me feeling worthless for years, till a breakthrough event changed my story forever.


Truth is, confidence can be rebuilt, self-esteem can be groomed, you can finally feel worthy of yourself and well positioned to grab life’s opportunities with both hands.


Believe me, you’ll pass over countless opportunity in life if you don’t work on attaining a healthy confidence level.


In My Self-esteem journey, I have revealed the reasons why people struggle with their confidence and how to fix it from the root. Through my journey and years of playing myself short, I have seen how fixing this one part of myself was the breakthrough to reaching my goals and dreams.


I was able to easily work myself out of the low self-esteem pit, grab jobs and contracts in seven figures, got my career on track, living a happier and more assuring life, knowing I am worthy and enough.


My story and strategies will awaken that special thing in you, help you fix the issue from the root and live life to the fullest.

In this practical guide, you get to discover;

  • The hidden symptoms of an unhealthy self-esteem, why they are so hidden and even become an unnoticeable part of you.
  • How to identify the cause of your low self-esteem and confidence and fix it from the root (The Game changer)
  • The 16 Step strategy to building your self-esteem and standing out.
  • The secret of using FAILURE as the springboard to a more confident you.
  • Finding your “Special Sauce” and using it to as your magic wand to gain respect, recognition and open doors in your life.
  • The Arrogance factor and how to avoid this killer of confidence.

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