Body Fragrance Etiquette

The following are guidelines on the use of body fragrance for maximum benefit of enhancing your appearance rather than destructing it.

Know the difference between a Perfume/Cologne, a body spray, and a deodorant spray and use as appropriate.

Choose your fragrance wisely. Choose fragrance that are appealing, long lasting yet mild.

Avoid spirtzing around other people as the fumes of freshly sprayed perfumes can irritates others.

Avoid wearing fragrance when visiting sick people or new born babies, your sweet fragrance could make them nauseous or simply upset their sinuses.

Never try to cover up body odour with the use of fragrance. That will definitely create a toxic cloud. Ensure your body and clothing are clean and fresh before using fragrance.

Never apply fragrance where people are eating. An interference of fragrance with food’s aroma can cause a lost of appetite.

Avoid spirtzing directly on your clothes. Some fragrance have chemicals that may stain or bleach your clothes so it’s proper to have your fragrance about two inches away from your clothes while spirtzing.

When shopping your fragrance, use the spritzing papers to sample the smell. Avoid spraying many different fragrance on your body, you don’t need to leave the shop smelling like “orishirishi” (

Remember that other’s personal space include the air they breath, and you don’t want to obstruct that be clouding the air with too much of your fragrance. Therefore, use your fragrance in moderation, the fact that you’ve become accustomed to the scent of your fragrance doesn’t mean others can’t smell you from a distance.

Even if you’re not a big fan of fragrance, always use a deodorant.

It’s important to smell nice but just don’t over to it.

Etienying Akpanusong.

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