Acts and ethics: The familiar Waitress

Today’s experience is actually personal and this happened a couple of weeks ago when I went on a date with a gentleman.

So, we got to a restaurant and my date, a perfect gentleman suggested the restaurant due to a certain soup we both craved and I accepted.

On reaching the restaurant, excitedly, I danced my way in towards my seat which my date showed me to. On getting there, I was just about to take my seat when a wait staff (female) walked towards my date with a bright smile which I wasn’t surprised about, knowing that a perfect gentleman is always charming but suddenly, the familiarity got inappropriate as the waitress reached for his wrist while she said “welcome”.

Dumbfounded, I was wondering what was going on,then, she quickly went to get the menu.  While, I was alone with the gentleman, I asked “what was that about?”, he responded that he was equally surprised.

She brought the menu, gave the gentleman first, then reluctantly placed the other one before me and asked the Mr, what his order was. Mr gentleman turned to me and asked what I wanted and when I told him, he placed my order first and went on to place his.

From my experience hanging out with this gentleman, I observed that he is very generous with tips and if at a previous visit to that restaurant he tipped the waitress generously, it was possible that could have been the reason for her excitement and familiarity BUT, that was absolutely no excuse for crossing the line, especially when the gentleman showed up with another lady.

I couldn’t let that action go by unaddressed, so, together with the gentleman, we addressed the situation.

What do you think we should have done, and guess what we actually did.


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