Acts and ethics: The Corn cob girl.

Seated at a waiting corner of a logistics’ office to send some copies of My Etiquette and I to one of our distributors, when I observed a beautifully dressed lady walk in and beckoned me to adjust my legs so she could sit, impressively I did with a smile, filled with admiration for her. Her manner of approach, her long nicely braided hair and nice scent stood out for me.

Not long after, the admiration started depreciating. She was eating corn, but that wasn’t the issue at all, the audacity and total disregard for the person seated beside her (me) as she flung the cob over me, through the door which then landed right at the entrance to the very office she just got into, was the height of unruliness.

I shuddered and wondered why in the world anyone would think this was an acceptable behaviour. I wondered if she was totally ignorant, or just didn’t care. While I was grappling with these thoughts, she got done with the second cob and again! Your guess is as good as what actually happened, she flung the cob right over me, through the door.

The only question I could ask myself was, what is wrong with us? I mean, she really could have acted better!

I thought of the numerous incidents where we’ve suddenly lost the admiration and respect of others due to a simple careless act such as this and that reinforced my decision to take My Etiquette and I everywhere I go.

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